Services We Provide
UMT was founded on a fiscally responsible foundation.  We
invest in the people and customers that support, and
make us successful.  UMT's
debt free policy ensures that
our business is stable and ready for investment for our

Our business model is unique and it provides UMT with the
ability to do more than just manufacture products around
our core competencies.
Core Product Manufacturing
Core Product Engineering Services
Out Sourcing Services
Stocking and Logistics Services
Complete Assembly and Test
Each inquiry is assigned a product manager who is
responsible for the customer AND the product.  This gives
our Customer's
interface with UMT in depth knowledge of
the products that are being designed or manufactured.  This
can be a great asset as it allows for
between UMT and the customer.

UMT Management have spent more than 20 years developing
relationships and factories in the US, Mexico, and Asia.  
These partners are all
high quality, ISO approved
Engineering Services

From Transformer design,
Mechanical design, and small
system design, UMT can support
concept to production programs
to bring our customer's products
to market fast and in budget.
UMT Sales

UMT Represents Several US and
Asian manufacturing companies.  
These companies add additional
products that allows UMT to
support our customers with.
Supplier Reduction

UMT offers customer incentives to
reduce the number of suppliers.  
This includes inventory programs
for UMT manufactured products as
well as products sourced through
UMT partners.
Assembly and Box Build

UMT can manage your entire
product build.  Coordinate
suppliers, guarantee quality,
perform electrical and mechanical
testing and perform
improvement analysis to reduce
United Materials & Technology
United Materials & Technology
"Creating Links in the Supply Chain"